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Products & Services

We provide a variety of insurance products and strategies to meet the needs of our clients.



Fixed and fixed index annuities can offer benefits for retirement including guaranteed retirement income, protection from market downturns, the potential to earn credited interest and more. We work with some of the highest-rated insurers in the industry to ensure that you have reliable and competitive products to meet your needs.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is often considered for protection of young families, but it can be just as valuable in creating a tax-advantaged retirement strategy, assuring transfer of wealth to future generations, or protecting and strengthening a small business. We work with a variety of highly-rated insurers offering a range of life insurance products that includes Fixed Indexed Universal Life, Term Life, Universal Life, and more.

Long Term Care Insurance

With annual costs of nursing home care running to potentially tens of thousands of dollars per year, you may be considering long-term care insurance. We provide access to competitive long-term care insurance policies through many of the industry's leading providers.

Medical and Dental Insurace

Whether it is for your business and your employees or just for yourself, give us a call. As an independent broker we work for you in obtaining quality group medical, individual medical, and dental plans from the major insurance companies.

Income Protection Coverage

Your income is your greatest asset so shouldn’t it be insured? How long could you continue to pay your mortgage, rent, utilities, auto loans, credit cards, groceries, tuition, retirement savings, etc. if your income was to stop due to a disability. Disability coverage offered through your employer is often inadequate and many times is taxable. Over half of all personal bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures are due to disability. Call to discuss how you can provide for a continual tax free income stream should your income stop due to a disability.

Your Company Pension

If you are fortunate to have a company pension, you will have to make a decision on how to receive your benefits at retirement and how those benefits will be shared should you predecease your spouse. There are unique strategies to maximize your pension income for you and/or your spouse. We can develop an individualized solution for you.

Social Security Planning

Social Security represents the greatest source of retirement income for most Americans. You have control over the timing of your benefits and eligibility status. Making a less than optimal decision on when and how to receive Social Security benefits can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost Social Security income. Call us to discuss your options so you can make a more informed decision when implementing your Social Security income benefit.

Financial Wellness Employee Program (FWEP)

Impact of Financial Stress on a Business $750 - $2,000 Per Employee. The American Psychological Association (APA) has identified money and financial issues as the number one cause of stress in the United States. So, what does this cost your Company? $750-$2,000 per employee annually according to the Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation (PFEEF). Effects of Financial Stress to Your Business: Employees are less engaged and less productive, More tired and less focused, Spend time working on their financial issues at work, Take time off from work to deal with their finances, Have health issues caused by financial stress, More likely to have an accident at work, More likely to have a workers’ comp claim The Solution - A Financial Wellness Employee Program (FWEP) We will Implement a Valued Based Financial Wellness Program for your employees to enhance a greater financial well-being. Call or email us for more details.


It’s important to make sure you are properly protected in every area, especially when it comes to your retirement. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the knowledge to make the best decisions for your financial future. Contact us any time for a no-obligation appointment to review your current policies.

Why Choose Us?

Our focus is not just on the bottom line. Our primary goal in working with clients is helping them find the products and strategies that fit their needs and offer the best opportunity to achieve retirement objectives. Our approach is informative and our practice is service-oriented.

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