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Life Span Increases- What About Your Retirement Income?

Nov 03 2014

On Monday October 27, 2014 new estimates released by the Society of Acturaries  shows the average 65 year old male is expected to live another 21.6  years to the age of 86.6 and a 65 year old female is expected to live another 23.8 years to the age of 88.8. The last time the Society of Actuaries released life expectancy predictions was in the year 2000. Two of the main reasons that life expectancy is on the rise is because of better medical care and fewer people smoking. Although this is good news it can put a strain on your retirement income and curtail plans made for your retirement years. It is even truer if you have a family history of longevity. How many more years over the average should you plan for your income to last?

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